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Hinde's Animal Safe-Haven

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact your organization? 

Please visit our Contact Us page

You can also contact us via Facebook message or one of the following methods:


How do I adopt one of your animals?

We do our best to keep the adoption process straight-forward and easy in an effort to get our available pets into a permanent, stable and loving home in a timely manner.  You will be asked to fill out an adoption application giving Hinde Animal Rescue information about yourself, your family and your experience with pets.   You will need to provide a vet reference and two personal references.  Our goal is to find our animals the best possible home and if multiple applications are received, Hinde Animal Rescue will make the decision as to which home would be best for that particular pet. 

 The application can be found at the Hinde Animal Rescue adoption page.

 Once approved pending the animal is still available we will be in touch via email to set up a meet/adopt appointment with your future family member.


I am already approved from Hinde Animal Rescue (or adopted previously from Hinde), how do I go about adopting a dog you just posted?

If you have already been approved within the last year, you can email your interest to hinde.adoption@yahoo.com and we will then set up an appointment for you to adopt your future family member. If it has been longer than a year, you will need to fill out the previous adopter form at the Hinde Adoption page.


Where is your shelter located?

We are a foster based rescue with no physical shelter. Our fosters are located all around the Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County and Montgomery County. We rescue our animals from kill shelters and they immediately go into a foster home with a family.

Where can I visit the dogs if there is no shelter?

Since we do not have a shelter there are two main options. We have Meet & Greets event where we will have a large number of our dogs in one location. The locations can be found at our Hinde Rescue Events page.

The other option is if you are interested in one specific pet, once your adoption application is approved we will set up a meet/adopt appointment with the foster directly at a convenient time for both you and the foster.


What kind of opportunities are there for me to volunteer?
We are always look for help with transporting the dogs, collecting supplies/donations for the animals, or fostering. 

If interested in volunteering you can check out the Hinde Rescue Volunteer page.


What do you expect of your fosters?

By being a foster home, you are literally helping to save a life and to give a pet a second chance at finding a family of its own.  Hinde Animal rescue will pay for all rescue fees and veterinary care for your foster pet.  As a foster home, you are responsible for the daily needs of the pet (food, water, lots of love and attention). You will need to be able to either bring the dog or make plans for someone to get the dog to some of the events in order to exponentially increase the likelihood for a speedy adoption.

 If interested in fostering with us please fill out an application on our Hinder Rescue Fosters page.


I can’t come for the dog for a week or two can you hold the dog for me?

Once the dog is in foster we cannot hold a dog for any applicant because that blocks that foster from being able to help save a new life. If the dog hasn’t yet arrived in Pennsylvania you are able to do a $100 non-refundable deposit on the dog to guarantee you are the first to meet/adopt the dog when he/she arrives in Pennsylvania.


I love that dog but I live across the country, can you ship him/her to us?

We do NOT SHIP animals.  If you are interested in adopting one of our pets and live outside of our area, you will be required to come meet and adopt the animal in person if your application is approved. 

I am interested in adopting a dog from you but I am under 21, can I fill out the application?

We do NOT adopt to anyone under 21 years old. If you currently live with your parents they would need to submit the application under their names.

I am not in the position to adopt a dog at this time but would still like to help out. What options are available?

Obviously, the rescue fees, transport fees, vet expenses and daily care for our rescued animals adds up.  A small amount can truly go a long way for our pets.  If a certain pup catches your eye, you can also help by sponsoring a dog’s fee by putting in the comments the dog’s name and that you want to help sponsor his/her fee or by emailing us letting us know.