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Hinde's Animal Safe-Haven

Pay Full adoption Fee

**please list the dog or cats name when you pay**

Pay a deposit for your Pet

**please list the dog or cats name when you pay**

Hinde's Animal Safe Haven DOG ADOPTION FEES:


Our adoption fee for puppies is $300 - that may  include, a wellness exam, all age appropriate vaccines.  Heartworm treatment IF NECESSARY, deworming, flea/tick treatment, and phone/email support from our volunteers. PLEASE NOTE - we do offer discounted adoption fees to families adopting more than one dog, senior dogs and dogs with special needs when possible. 

Our adoption fee for dogs over 7 months and older range from $150.00 to $275.00 (unless otherwise noted).  All dogs are up to date on shots. 

Regarding our adoption fee: **please note that if you’re adopting a dog under the age of 6 months, some tests (heartworm , etc.) are not done prior to that age. You will need to have your dog tested & vaccinated at your own veterinarian at your own expense. Heartworm and Lime testing for dogs over 6 months is done on a case to case basis. **

**veterinary care may have been provided as a courtesy by Hinde's Animal Safe Haven and is not part of the adoption fee. The adoption fee to adopt is for the animal itself only. Your veterinarian may provide different tests or vaccinations, or your veterinarian may choose to provide a broader diagnostic testing / screening profile for your pet.**

**veterinary care required after the date of adoption is to be provided at adopter’s expense, please refer to adoption contract for information.**


Hinde's Animal Safe Haven Adoption Process

Here at Hinde's we do our best to keep the adoption process straight-forward and easy in an effort to get our available pets into a permanent, stable and loving home in a timely manner.  You will be asked to fill out an adoption application giving Hinde's Animal Rescue information about yourself, your family and your experience with pets.   You will need to provide a vet reference and two personal references.  Our goal is to find our animals the best possible home and if multiple applications are received, Hinde's Animal Rescue will make the decision as to which home would be best for that particular pet. 


**We DO require that ALL dogs and cats in your household are spayed or neutered, kept up-to-date on vaccines and that they are seen annually for a check-up. 

**We do NOT require a fenced in yard unless otherwise noted for a specific pet. 

**We do NOT allow our cats to be declawed before or after adopting.

**We do NOT have restrictions regarding children in an adoptive household unless otherwise noted for a specific pet. 

**We do NOT SHIP animals.  If you are interested in adopting one of our pets and live outside of our area, you will be required to come meet and adopt the animal in person if your application is approved.  


**We do NOT hold animals.  


**We do NOT adopt to anyone under 21 years old.